One Network, One NMS

A unified software that can manage all the devices in a network.

An everyday tool for network and IT professionals for network performance monitoring, fault identification, service provisioning and intelligent alarm analysis.

Satellite Map

Real Time Monitoring

Intelligent Troubleshooting

KPI and Downtime Reports

your Network infrastructure

At a Glance

  • Easy to use drag & drop topology
  • Geographic topology using google map
  • Manage fiber cables and joints
  • Graphical visualization of faults and alarms
  • Real time bandwidth monitoring
  • Customer management
  • Network KPI and downtime reports


  • Graphical topology
  • Geographic topology
  • Manage Layer 2 & Layer 3 devices
  • Mange SDH devices
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Fiber cable management
  • Fiber core tracing
  • SFP and DDM information monitoring
  • Fiberloss status in topology
  • Device alarm analysis
  • Log management
  • Bandwidth graph for all ports
  • Customer management
  • Easy to use service provisioning
  • Direct KPI reporting to customer

Support Multiple
Brand’s Device

Support Multiple
Service Provider

Reduces the
Down Time

Better performance
with a lower cost

Network KPI

Customer Service

Public-Private Network Monitoring

Graphical View of Whole Network

Supported Devices